Setting Up Work from Home

Hiring new new marketing and sales employees may be challenging for many companies. Creative, proactive and efficient marketing department is important part of you company. Marketing employees  can literally make or break your business. Because of complexity of modern marketing, employers are often what job qualifications, work experience and education they truly need in their marketing employees. We help you to identify your challenges, build marketing strategy, marketing department structure which will position your company for long lasting success.



Home Office Set Up

To work from home effectively, your employee requires a set of tools and sofware applications, to be able to work effectively as a member of your marketing team. With over 14 years of managing  work from home employees and teams, we came up with the best solutions and tools – online and offline. 


Effective Customer Relationships Management system is essential for data management, reporting, analytics, integration and communication of your work from home employees and the rest of the company.

Time Management Software

Time Management Systems allow accountability and ensure higher productivity fro employees working from home. It may also be a valuable cost/revenue management tool for your company.