If you’re a highly-skilled, experienced marketer who’s been laid off, you may be ready for an exciting new career. Temporary, contract or interim marketing work could be just what you’re looking for. Furthermore, you may even have the opportunity to develop an incredible new skill or be offered full-time employment, while being a marketing temp.

Here are just a few benefits of becoming a marketing temp.


You’ve likely been hired to fill a specific role or for a specific project. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely you’ll become bogged down in office politics. Therefore, you will use this freedom to really focus on finishing the job assigned.

Have More Flexibility

The flexibility to take time off between contracts is ideal if you have family commitments or a holiday planned. Therefore, both remote and in-office opportunities are available based on what is best for you.

Try a Company on For Size

Temporary roles can sometimes lead to permanent ones. Hence, Temp work gives you the opportunity to see if you’d like to work for a company full time.

Demonstrating your skills in challenging situations and clearly showing what you’ve achieved by the end of the contact will put you in good standing with a company. As a result, good initiative, drive, resilience, and people skills are all highly attractive attributes to employers.

Develop New Skills

Becoming a marketing temp could be the perfect opportunity to diversify your skill set for the following reasons:

  • opportunities to work on interesting and varied contracts
  • chance  to expand on your experiences
  • developing new skills in a relatively short space of time


Marketing Temp Requirements

To be a marketing temp, you need to meet the following requirements. First of all,  you should possess a flexible attitude about where the work is located. To add on to that, previous experience in marketing work, with proven tangible successes in your field completing similar projects.  It is important that you have experience working in many different organizations and environments and a capacity for dealing with change, which includes the ability to be productive immediately with little or no learning curve needed. Finally, you should have a clear outline of your specific skills and strengths. 


Offering your services as a marketing temp will give you the freedom and flexibility you need to juggle work and family responsibilities. In conclusion, whether it’s learning new skills or landing full-time work, becoming marketing temp can help you reach the next level in your marketing career.