The Benefits of Being a Marketing Temp

The Benefits of Being a Marketing Temp

If you’re a highly-skilled, experienced marketer who’s been laid off, you may be ready for an exciting new career. Temporary, contract or interim marketing work could be just what you’re looking for. Furthermore, you may even have the opportunity to develop an incredible new skill or be offered full-time employment, while being a marketing temp.

Here are just a few benefits of becoming a marketing temp.


You’ve likely been hired to fill a specific role or for a specific project. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely you’ll become bogged down in office politics. Therefore, you will use this freedom to really focus on finishing the job assigned.

Have More Flexibility

The flexibility to take time off between contracts is ideal if you have family commitments or a holiday planned. Therefore, both remote and in-office opportunities are available based on what is best for you.

Try a Company on For Size

Temporary roles can sometimes lead to permanent ones. Hence, Temp work gives you the opportunity to see if you’d like to work for a company full time.

Demonstrating your skills in challenging situations and clearly showing what you’ve achieved by the end of the contact will put you in good standing with a company. As a result, good initiative, drive, resilience, and people skills are all highly attractive attributes to employers.

Develop New Skills

Becoming a marketing temp could be the perfect opportunity to diversify your skill set for the following reasons:

  • opportunities to work on interesting and varied contracts
  • chance  to expand on your experiences
  • developing new skills in a relatively short space of time


Marketing Temp Requirements

To be a marketing temp, you need to meet the following requirements. First of all,  you should possess a flexible attitude about where the work is located. To add on to that, previous experience in marketing work, with proven tangible successes in your field completing similar projects.  It is important that you have experience working in many different organizations and environments and a capacity for dealing with change, which includes the ability to be productive immediately with little or no learning curve needed. Finally, you should have a clear outline of your specific skills and strengths. 


Offering your services as a marketing temp will give you the freedom and flexibility you need to juggle work and family responsibilities. In conclusion, whether it’s learning new skills or landing full-time work, becoming marketing temp can help you reach the next level in your marketing career. 


5 Reasons for Hiring Marketing Temps for Your Business

5 Reasons for Hiring Marketing Temps for Your Business

It’s likely no secret that you could use an extra helping hand in your marketing department sometimes. Hiring marketing temps can fill a gap left in your marketing department quickly and with no long-term commitment. If your rankings on Google could be better, a digital marketing temp can help with their knowledge of SEO and PPC.

If you’re on the fence about hiring marketing temp, here are 5 ways to know if hiring marketing temps is right for you.

Sudden Illness

Unforeseen situations happen occasionally. Maybe one of your key marketing employees must be off work for a week or two due to illness. A marketing temp can ensure that your business keeps running at peak effectiveness during their unplanned absence without worrying about having an extra employee when your employee returns.

Employee Quitting

When an employee quits with little notice, a temp can fill the gap quickly until you can hire someone permanent. Or, you may be so happy with the marketing temp that your agency provided, you’ll want to hire them permanently!

Maternity or Covering for Vacations

A staff member may be off for anywhere from a couple of weeks’ vacation to several months for maternity leave. A marketing temp with a year long contract can cover for them, so the department never misses a beat.

Project or Last-Minute Campaigns

If you don’t have enough staff on hand for a special campaign or project you’re running, temps are a cost-effective option. Or, maybe an important customer moves up the deadline on a big project. Marketing temps can be called in on very short notice.  

Interim Temps

Are you in the middle of recruiting new hires for your marketing department? A temp can ensure a smoother handover to the incoming team members.

Advantages of Hiring Marketing Temps

Your company can benefit from marketing temps in the following ways:

  • Immediate access to a specialist with specific skill-sets
  • Complete immersion in your company culture
  • Maintain productivity without hiring permanent staff
  • Cost-effectiveness of hiring expert help only when you need it
  • Flexibility of being able to bring a temp in with little lead time and stop using them immediately when they’re no longer needed
  • Updated training of temps by staffing agency


If you need extra marketing help for any of the above reasons, a marketing temp is the answer. They can keep the department humming when regular staff is away or during especially busy times.

Our marketing temps are well-trained to fit into your business culture and give you the marketing edge your company needs.

Why Businesses Hire Marketing Temps

Why Businesses Hire Marketing Temps

Many business owners may find today’s marketplace environment to be fast-paced and competitive.  As a business owner, you need every advantage you can get, in order to stay flexible while getting the job done. That’s why more and more companies are turning to experienced temporary employees. Short-term marketers, communication specialists and lead generators are the answer to staying ahead of the game.  Here are five reasons why you should hire marketing temps.

More Staff Power

Maybe you have more work than staff to complete it, or maybe you’re struggling to finish an important project. You don’t always have to increase company’s headcount in order to employ more workers when you need them. Hiring a marketing temp is a cost-effective and flexible solution. Plus, when you hire marketing temps, your permanent employees will appreciate the company’s equal distribution of work.

Budget Restraints

Today’s companies have to be careful about budgets and bottom lines. A marketing, communications or lead generation temp is a great way to get more help without breaking the bank. Because it’s a short-term relationship, you are in control about how long the temp stays in the company, without overspending your finances.

Cover Staff Absences

Key employees will sometimes be absent from work for weeks or even months at a time. It could be because of maternity or family leave, a sabbatical or perhaps an extended illness.

A major advantage of using temps is their flexibility. They’re available with little lead time and there’s no commitment to hire them permanently once their contract is up. With an experienced professional to help fill the gap, you won’t lose your valuable time.

A Short-Term Specialist

Marketing in today’s digital world requires many different skill sets. You may need someone with very specialized skills, but not enough to justify a full-time position. By bringing in digital marketing, digital strategy or content marketing temps, you can tap into the special expertise of these marketing professionals. By taking advantage of their knowledge short-term, your company can prosper over the long-term.

Experiment with Ideas

If you have some ideas you want to try before you commit, a marketing temp is a low-cost, flexible alternative to adding to a new position. It’s a solution that will allow you to test a new position before making a final commitment to hire someone full-time.


In today’s fast-paced world, hiring marketing temps offers many benefits and can provide you with extra help when your business needs it the most.

We’re here to help you find the right short-term marketing, communications and lead generating staff to meet your needs. Contact us today for to find the best marketing temps for your business!