Remote Work From Home:

Employee Set Up and Management


Whether it’s a coronavirus outbreak or preparing for the new “work from home” reality,  we are here to help. With over 16+ years in hiring and training  remote employees, we will take care of  all aspects your company going remote

Infrastructure & Security

Sending employees to work from home can be nerve wrecking when it comes to security and creating a whole new infrastructure for your employees. Depending on your company’s needs there are different technology solutions, which need to be carefully considered in terms of usability, security and costs.

Workflow Set Up

When going remote, you want to ensure that your employees have a secure workflow they can follow. 

Our  team will help your employees to manage their daily schedules and to prioritize their tasks.

We will ensure an effective workflow, CRM and time management technology, transparency, work ethics and accountability in your remote team.


Communication & Support

It is important to ensure you have efficient training, support and communication.
PSI Marketing Temps will a provide a full-time support to your employees who are new to working remotely.


Book a 30 minute free consultation with us to analyze how ready your workplace is to go remote.