Marketing Performance Monitoring


We keep our associates accountable for their performance by assigning KPIs: (Key Performance Indicators) to each of their tasks, campaigns or strategies. We encourage them to submit a KPI report at the end of each week or month. The examples of KPIs are discussed below.

New Traffic to Website


Each marketing effort should result in additional traffic to the website. The examples of this may be referrals from social media sites, email campaign click throughs, additional visitors from organic/paid SEO and much more.


Leads and Appointments


Outbound lead generation activities are measured by number of leads, number of appointments, cost per lead, cost per appointments and additional systems.

Social Media Likes and Shares

Social media activities and communications may be  measured by the number of likes, shares, and comments.

Google Analytics Goals

Marketing professionals set up specific goals in Google Analytics to track and measure success of their marketing activities. 

Company Sales

Company Sales KPIs are the number of opportunities, proposals, and current or future customers acquired with help of marketing activities.