Marketing Consulting Services

Supporting Your Marketing Employees

We live in an integrated and interconnected world. New marketing employees,companies and employers need marketing consulting support to ensure that marketing strategies and efforts are understood and supported by the entire company. Our innovative and experienced marketing consulting team will help your new marketing employees with strategy consulting, hand-on training, new ideas and insights.


Marketing Strategy

Together with your new marketing temp we start from analyzing your previous marketing experiences and assets. Based on your previous success and uniquness of your company history, your industry and your target market, we build effective marketing strategies, marketing campaigns, calendars, set goals and KPI monitoring criterias.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing strategy is the main pllilar of all modern marketing communications. Every marketing activity your team executes, whether inbound or ourbound, drives your prospects to your website, blog and social media channels. The long term success of your marketing is to ensure that your website attracts the right traffic and generates leads for your business. Our internet marketing consultants will guide your marketing employees on website design, content, SEO, blog and social media topics unique to your business.

Marketing Communication

Marketing communications include all inbound and outbound communications of your company. We design topics, outlines, and define destribution channels for your telemarketing scripts, social media messages, blogs, newsletters, announcements, press releases, etc. We create marketing calendars to unite all your marketing communications, tasks and campaigns.

Lead Generation


We help your marketing employees to design effective telemarketing, social media prospecting and email marketing campaigns. We help them to acqure and build databases of your best prospects and design integrated marketing campaigns to effectively reach, engage and nurture your prospective customers.