Hiring Marketing Employees

Hiring marketing and sales employees may be quite challenging for companies. Creative, proactive and efficient marketing department is a vital part of you company. Marketing employees can literally make or break your business. Because of complexity of modern marketing, employers can be often confused what job description, qualifications, work experience and education they truly need in their marketing employees. We help you identify your challenges, build on your marketing strategy and structure your marketing department, which will position your company for long lasting success.

Marketing Department Planning

Whether you requre one marketing employee, or a team of highly-specialized marketing professionals, we are here to help. We analyze your company requrements, long term goals and available budget and design a solution for you. Unlike our competition, our service extends to creating/editing your job descriptions, evaluating roles and advising on compensation options.

We believe in continuous training and development, flexibility, affordability and mutial satisfaction in between marketing emolyees and their employers.

Temporary Marketing Employee Sourcing

Based on your requrements, we pre-select the best candidates for you. Whether you consider full-time, part-time, local or international contractors options, we will supply the best marketing professionals in a timely fashion.


Based on your requrements, we will qualify and select the best marketing employees for you.


We design interview questions and assist you in interviewing candidates, if requred.


We will insure that our associates comply with your company requirements and culture. We will assist and coach them during the onboarding process, to ensure their successful integration with your team.