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Door to Door Marketer

Water Filtration Services Client | Greater Vancouver Area

Reporting to and working with the company owner and a Marketing Temps, Sales Representative will successfully develop and initiate sales pitch to generate leads for the water cooler system company.


This position will be responsible for visiting, presenting and discussing the product to Businesses/Retailers in Vancouver. The Sales Representative will also be responsible for collecting information on the potential leads and  reporting them to the owner in a timely manner.


Essential Duties:


    • Initiating Sales Conversation with person responsible for business’ Water Cooler System
    • Correctly presenting and describing the product
    • Collecting Information on  Potential Leads (if decision maker is not available)
    • Using the lead generation tools provided to source potential clients
    • Recording information on business’ current water cooler situation
    • Manage CRM (Customer Relation Management) tools to enter the clients into the system and monitor their sales cycle.


  • Previous Customer Service/Sales Experience : 1+ years
  • Fluent English and Communication Skills
  • Sales Skills are a plus

Working Conditions & Requirements:

  • Minimum 15 hours per week (during business hours)
  • Walking + Remote working environment
  • Business-Casual attire is a plus



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