• Marketing Temps/Staffing Solutions 50% 50%
  • Marketing Consulting and Training 25% 25%
  • Technology: CRM, Web, Email, Time Management 25% 25%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90% 90%

About PSI Marketing Temps

We are a dynamic team of traditional and digital marketing professionals with extensive experience in marketing management, lead generation, internet marketing, email marketing and marketing technology. For over 14 years we have been connecting our clients with their future customers, serving them as a Marketing and Lead Generation Agency in Canada. From our customers we have learned that  their businesses need effective and flexible marketing employees, backed by a professional integrated marketing agency.

Our Mission

To provide unparalleled marketing recruitment solutions by connecting and supporting new and experienced marketing professionals with the right employers and continuously improve their lives and businesses success. 

PSI Marketing Temps History: We Hire, Train, Deploy and Support Marketing Employees

After 14 years in the Marketing and Lead Generation industry we have realized that Marketing Department Outsourcing is not always the best solution for growing companies.  Our small business clients often struggle to manage marketing projects because of the complexity of modern marketing and lead generation. Most small businesses cannot afford or sustain the ongoing expense of paying an outsourced marketing agency over a long period of time.

PSI Marketing Temps was created to fulfill the growing demand for marketing employees equipped with the best tools and strategies to implement modern marketing campaigns.


Outbound Lead Generators

Outbound Lead Generators


Lead Generators are marketing professionals whose goal is to generate outbound leads via telemarketing or social media activities.

Internet Marketers

Internet Marketers

Website ,Social Media, Email, Blog

Internet marketers are responsible for generation inbound leads by promoting your company website and social media.

Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology

CRM and Other Marketing Software

Marketing professionals who ensure that all your marketing technology tools such as CRM, email servers, auto dialers and time management software is functioning properly.