It’s likely no secret that you could use an extra helping hand in your marketing department sometimes. Hiring marketing temps can fill a gap left in your marketing department quickly and with no long-term commitment. If your rankings on Google could be better, a digital marketing temp can help with their knowledge of SEO and PPC.

If you’re on the fence about hiring marketing temp, here are 5 ways to know if hiring marketing temps is right for you.

Sudden Illness

Unforeseen situations happen occasionally. Maybe one of your key marketing employees must be off work for a week or two due to illness. A marketing temp can ensure that your business keeps running at peak effectiveness during their unplanned absence without worrying about having an extra employee when your employee returns.

Employee Quitting

When an employee quits with little notice, a temp can fill the gap quickly until you can hire someone permanent. Or, you may be so happy with the marketing temp that your agency provided, you’ll want to hire them permanently!

Maternity or Covering for Vacations

A staff member may be off for anywhere from a couple of weeks’ vacation to several months for maternity leave. A marketing temp with a year long contract can cover for them, so the department never misses a beat.

Project or Last-Minute Campaigns

If you don’t have enough staff on hand for a special campaign or project you’re running, temps are a cost-effective option. Or, maybe an important customer moves up the deadline on a big project. Marketing temps can be called in on very short notice.  

Interim Temps

Are you in the middle of recruiting new hires for your marketing department? A temp can ensure a smoother handover to the incoming team members.

Advantages of Hiring Marketing Temps

Your company can benefit from marketing temps in the following ways:

  • Immediate access to a specialist with specific skill-sets
  • Complete immersion in your company culture
  • Maintain productivity without hiring permanent staff
  • Cost-effectiveness of hiring expert help only when you need it
  • Flexibility of being able to bring a temp in with little lead time and stop using them immediately when they’re no longer needed
  • Updated training of temps by staffing agency


If you need extra marketing help for any of the above reasons, a marketing temp is the answer. They can keep the department humming when regular staff is away or during especially busy times.

Our marketing temps are well-trained to fit into your business culture and give you the marketing edge your company needs.