Why Use PSI Marketing Temps?



Tired Of Marketing Staff Turnover?

PSI Marketing Temps Hires, Trains And Deploys Marketing Professionals to Ensure the Productivity of Your Marketing Department. We offer a unique and innovative approach to recruitment, which includes hiring, onboarding and monitoring marketing strategy implementation. We introduced “Hire, Train and Deploy” program to help small businesses build and manage their internal marketing teams.


Do You Feel Uninspired In Your Marketing Career?

As a marketing professional, you may feel confused and frustrated with your career because your employers are confused about modern marketing and your role in their organization. You may not feel supported by your bosses and colleques,  feel frastuated and discouraged. PSI Marketing Temps will connect you with the right employers and support you and your company with strategy, training, communication and technology.

We Supply

Lead Generators


Web/Graphic/Video Designers



Blog/Content Writers


Social Media Marketers


CRM/Email/Web Server Pros


Marketing Assistants


Marketing Managers


Sales Staff


Online Marketers/SEO


Company Services

marketing temp hired


Hiring marketing employees can take a lot of time and present significant risks for businesses. Our Programs come with a guarantee.

marketing temp hired


Our consulting services ensure the understanding and support of your marketing efforts in every department of your company.

marketing temp hired


Our proprietary marketing training programs are producing marketing experts, who are ready to take your business to the next level. All of our associates come with a previous marketing education and experience. 

marketing temps training


Using international sub-contractors and teams often presents a great opportity to complete tasks and run marketing campaigns that are timely and cost-effective.

marketing temps training


We monitor the sussess of your new marketing employees by establishing and reviewing their  performance criteria: KPI.

marketing temps training

remote work

We help you to  set up technology and processes to ensure effectiveness and accountability in your employees who work from home.

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